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Elias Sanders

Brewsly 15 Bar, Espresso & Coffee Machine

Brewsly 15 Bar, Espresso & Coffee Machine

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Brewsly Espresso Machine . 15 Bar Espresso Maker with Milk Frother Wand and Compact Design . Professional Espresso Coffee Machine for Cappuccino and Latte.It is a good the best home espresso machines can help you get your latte or cappuccino fix right in the comfort of your own kitchen. This Espresso Machine produced a hot . smooth cup of espresso that had depth and wasn't too bitter or acidic . with crema that was smooth without any noticeable big or small air bubbles. Easy to use. It doesn't need much techniques and skills . just takes a few step you can enjoy delicious cappuccino and latte. Large Water Tank. Transparent water tank is large enough to contain a volume of 37oz of water. Espresso Volumetric Control. You can choose 1 cup or 2 cup you prefect. Built in Pressure Gauges. You can see exact pressure . help you in consistently brewing great Espresso.

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