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Elias Sanders

Jiaiun 1 Litre Baby Handi Pressure Cooker

Jiaiun 1 Litre Baby Handi Pressure Cooker

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We are well-made and reliable. Jiaiun pressure cooker is ideal for you. This pressure cooker is a unique combination of style and utility. Made of aluminium . this pressure cooker comes across as a sturdy and long-lasting investment. Furthermore . the material used is non-toxic and does not react with your food. Using an energy-efficient design that requires less water and time to cook food . the pressure cooker allows you to cook in a smart . safe and healthy way making it a preferred option. Jiaiun Handi starts with a capacity of 1 . 2 and 3-litre capacity. Jiaiun pressure cooker never compromises on the quality that's why we are ISI mark CERTIFIED by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

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