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Elias Sanders

Jura WE6 Professional Espresso and Coffee Center

Jura WE6 Professional Espresso and Coffee Center

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The Jura WE6 offers 8 different specialties. JURA has perfected the complete brewing process for short coffee specialties . allowing the WE line to make them to professional barista standard every time. The six-level AromaG3grinder ensures that the coffee is optimally ground. It always grinds the beans fresh . quickly yet gently to preserve the aroma. The variable brewing unit has a capacity of 5 to 16 grams and ensures the ideal brewing conditions at all times. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) developed by JURA optimizes the extraction time. To make a ristretto or espresso . it forces the hot water through the ground coffee at short intervals.

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