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Elias Sanders

Koolatron W75 12V Kargo Electric Cooler/Warmer with Built-in Handle and Wheels - 36 Quart (34 Liters) capacity - Can fit up to 57 cans

Koolatron W75 12V Kargo Electric Cooler/Warmer with Built-in Handle and Wheels - 36 Quart (34 Liters) capacity - Can fit up to 57 cans

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Ultimate cooler for camping and travel

The Koolatron W75 Kargo Wheeler is a portable 12 volt plug-in electric travel cooler with a 36-quart (34 Liters) capacity. The built-in wheels and handle make this cooler easy to take with you on your next road trip . camping excursion . or boat trip. This portable cooler replaces traditional ice chests with a technology that is better suited for travel.

Thermoelectric technology delivers iceless cooling

No need to waste money on ice! Koolatron thermoelectric travel coolers keep your food and beverages cool using thermoelectric cooling technology. The W75 Kargo Wheeler draws less power than your car’s parking light and plugs directly into any vehicle’s 12 volt power outlet. Once plugged in . the cooler’s solid state thermoelectric cooling module cools contents to approximately 40°F (22°C) lower than the temperature of the surrounding. For example . at a temperature of 80°F . the contents of the cooler will stay at 40°F.

Eat healthy and save money while on the road

The Koolatron W75 Kool Kaddy is a plug-in cooler that can help you save money while on the road. Instead of paying for greasy fast food at travel stops . you can pack healthy and fresh snacks and drinks in this portable electric travel cooler. It comes with a removable shelf to organize and separate food and beverages. With the AC adapter (sold separately) . you can use your cooler indoors and plug it into any household outlet.

Built tough and ready for adventure

The W75 Kargo Wheeler has a durable hard-sided exterior and easy to clean interior. It features a dependable design for optimal performance and wheels for convenience. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip or packing enough drinks for your son or daughter’s little league team . this portable cooler will stand up to the task.

Tips to make the most of your 12 volt cooler

When using your W75 Kargo Wheeler . add pre-chilled drinks and snacks before heading out on the road. Your 12 volt cooler will keep cooling as long as it is plugged in . and our high performance foam insulation ensures the cold air is trapped inside. This electric cooler can be used in your car . truck . SUV . RV . boat . or any vehicle with a standard 12 volt outlet. When placing this portable cooler in your vehicle . make sure the fan is not blocked as it requires unobstructed air flow to ensure even air circulation and optimal cooling performance.

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