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Elias Sanders

Ktaxon 12000BTU 110V Window Air Conditioner With WIFI And Remote, White

Ktaxon 12000BTU 110V Window Air Conditioner With WIFI And Remote, White

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Introductions:The Air conditioner is quiet operation . very easy to operate . washable and reusable air filter can be easily slide out and can be easily washed with warm water and dish soap or vacuum cleaner. The Air conditioner can quickly cool down your home . office . or apartment for maximum comfort. So what are you waiting for? Just take it home!â˜?000 BTU★Moisture Removal: 0.6L/hMax. input consumption: 600WApplication Area (Cooling EPA) : 100-150sp.ftIndoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo): 55/-/51 dB(A)Dimensions:(15.98x13.07x12inch)Net weight: 16.5kg/36.4IbsWindow Opening:Width(Min/Max): 58.4/86.3cm(23/34inch) .Height(Min): 36.8cm(14.5inch)â˜?000 BTU-WIFI★Moisture Removal: 1.1L/hMax. input consumption: 900WApplication Area (Cooling EPA) : 150-350sp.ftIndoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo): 58/56/54dB(A)Dimensions:(18.58x15.59x13.31inch)Net weight: 20.6kg/45.4IbsWindow Opening:Width(Min/Max): 58.4/91.4cm(23/36inch) .Height(Min): 36.8cm(14.5inch)â˜?0000BTU-WIFI★Moisture Removal: 1.4L/hMax. input consumption: 1100WApplication Area (Cooling EPA) : 350-450sp.ftIndoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo): 59/56/54dB(A)Dimensions:(18.58x15.59x13.31inch)Net weight: 22.6kg/49.8IbsWindow Opening:Width(Min/Max): 58.4/91.4cm(23/36inch) .Height(Min): 36.8cm(14.5inch)â˜?2000BTU-WIFI★Moisture Removal: 1.7L/hMax. input consumption:1250WApplication Area (Cooling EPA) : 450-550sp.ftIndoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo): 60/58/56dB(A)Dimensions:9.76x21.5x15.16inch)Net weight: 29.3kg/64.6IbsWindow Opening:Width(Min/Max): 66/91.4cm(26/36inch) .Height(Min):40.6cm(16inch)â˜?4000BTU-WIFI★Moisture Removal: 2..07L/hMax. input consumption:1743WApplication Area (Cooling EPA) : 550-700sp.ftIndoor noise level (Hi/Med/Lo): 60/56/54dB(A)Dimensions:(19.76x21.5x15.16inch)Net weight: 32.5kg/71.6IbsWindow Opening:Width(Min/Max): Width(Min/Max): 66/91.4cm(26/36inch) .Height(Min):40.6cm(16inch)

Package Includes:1 x Air Conditioner1 x Remote Control1 x Installation Window Kit1 x Screws

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